Monday, March 07, 2005

Spring and Jaren

Well finally spring has sprung today but I understand it's going to wind itself up and go away again on Wednesday. It truly is like pulling teeth this year. Now I'd like you to meet Jaren, she's my niece, smart as a whip and she works part time at Village Craftsmen. She came to live with me and my husband Frank I guess it must be three years ago now. She's the only daughter of my youngest and most lovely sister Jeannie. Frank and I have two sons so it's been a real learning experience having a "daughter". Jaren met and now goes with an Ocracoke native by the name of Dale Mutro. I can't tell you how much fun we've had with those two in our lives. Dale can tell Island stories by the hour and he and Frank can argue politics by the day! Jaren and Dale just adopted two Border Collies from the Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue.They're named Dugan and Dixie and with our Corgie Will in tow, as Dale would say, "them three's a pair". Jaren also works fulltime at the Anchorage and goes to school online. AH, the energy of youth! Anyway, she and Dale have been a blessing in our lives. Dale sometimes works here too in the summer. Be sure to say hi, when you stop by.

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