Friday, May 11, 2007


I'm told that there are housing developments where residents are forbidden to hang laundry out to dry. I've never lived in such a place, and I've never actually seen the written agreements, but I believe they exist. And I can't understand why.

Hanging clothes on a line saves money and energy. Laundry hanging out to dry is also a sure sign that real people live in a community. Furthermore, while you're out in the yard with clothes basket and pins at your side a neighbor might chance to stroll by. There's a fine opportunity to share news, find out what is going on in the neighborhood, or simply to smile and wave hello. At least that's the way it is here.

I'm happy to live where I can hang out my laundry.

This month's newsletter discusses the planned replacement of the seven bridges on Ocracoke Island in early 2008, and explains some of the issues we will face. You can read it here.


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Besides the fact that your clothes last longer, feel better, and smell better! I hang my laundry out whenever possible. In fact, here in Texas' summertime, I think they dry quicker!

  2. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Flying Melon...yum! Mango Loco is going Caribe & Mexican, looking forward to indulging in the goat cheese & black bean Chimichanga ASAP.