Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Moon

Tonight is this year's only Blue Moon.

I don't know about where you live, but on Ocracoke the sky was crystal clear last night and the nearly full moon shone down on the village, blanketing us all with its warm, comforting glow. Soft shadows fell from the cedars and live oaks as I walked home from visiting cousin Blanche. The lane was quiet, and my bare feet fell silently on the cool sand. It was good to feel at home.

Look for the Blue Moon tonight. You can read more about it here.

PS: Lou Ann arrives tomorrow! Look for her at the Friday night pot luck, and on Saturday during the Festival. It will be so nice to have her back on the island.

Take a journey back in time with our latest Ocracoke Newsletter. You can capture some of the thrill of riding on the old mailboat Aleta by clicking here.


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Weren't you afraid of the bear? Carol in Ohio
    I remember when there was a bear there several years ago too. My stepdaughter was camping, and we were heading down a bit later. The bear was the big news on the island.

  2. I think I might be a tad frightened if I encounter this bear unexpectedly on a little used island path, but I don't spend any time worrying about this critter. He (or she) is more of a curiosity, at least right now. We'll see what happens in the future.