Friday, June 01, 2007

At the Hardware Store

It is always good to be reminded that Ocracoke is a special community. Yesterday I stopped in the hardware store looking for a somewhat unusual faucet assembly. I sure was hoping they'd have it so I could have my sink operating again, but I wasn't too surprised to learn that our small hardware store didn't keep that item in stock. Holly offered to order it for me, of course. The earliest I could get it would be late next week, though.

As I was explaining what I needed, David Scott Esham, owner of the Pony Island Motel, overheard the conversation and told me he had a used faucet that I could have. I followed him to his motel, and sure enough, he had just what I needed.

It is nice to have good neighbors. This is what makes a stellar community. And Ocracoke is that. So I'll offer a little plug for David Scott and his business. On your next visit to Ocracoke consider booking a room at the Pony Island Motel....and tell David we sent you!

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