Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Afternoon Tea

David called yesterday around noon and informed Lou Ann and me that Amy had baked a cheese cake, and that they were inviting us for 4 o'clock tea. We arrived punctually. Lou Ann was attired in a fresh white sun dress and crown of flowers (she had left her white gloves in Indiana). She couldn't understand why I didn't "dress up." David just had on shorts and a t-shirt, as did Amy. Gary arrived shortly after we did. He headed straight for the sink to wash up. He had been mowing the lawn, and was covered with grass and sweat. He did don a nearby straw hat (with a flower) at Lou Ann's insistence.

Tea was served in pottery mugs (not dainty tea cups), and it was a decidedly low-brow affair, which suited most of us. But Lou Ann thoroughly enjoyed herself....and the cheese cake (smothered in sauce made from freshly picked blackberries)....as did the rest of us. We decided to make this a daily affair -- as long as Amy agrees to make the cheese cakes.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Please publish photo of "tea party."

  2. I wish I'd had a camera. Sorry. I suppose you'll just have to imagine the scene.

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    If you are going to tantalize us (and please do not stop), you are going to have to be more camera friendly!!!!!
    Imagination goes a long way, but your posts are just too interesting to not have a few more visuals!!!