Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A comment on a recent post inquired about fresh vegetables, organic foods, etc.:

"We are a family of 4 plus dog looking forward to our first visit to the island for a week in July. My husband and I are both avid cooks and have been hunting around for where to find the best food sources on the island. We would be grateful if you could comment on "The Vegetable Man" and other local tips on where to find organic foods, wine, cheese, etc. Thank you!"

The vegetable man comes to the island twice a week (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and sets up his tables near the bank, in front of the Flying Melon Restaurant, on Highway 12. He's hard to miss, and has a wide selection of items, including juicy berries, nuts, jams, & jellies.

The Variety Store, on Highway 12, stocks your basic grocery and food items, as well as a few specialty items. For more exotic choices, including cheeses, wines, and harder to find condiments, try Zillie's at Spencer's Market on the corner of Highway 12 and School Road.

Maybe some of our local readers would like to leave comments, so check this journal entry regularly prior to your visit.

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Thank you! I sent in the query about food and very much appreciate your response. We look forward to cooking "local" and will continue to check your blog for future comments. And we will certainly come by the Village Craftsmen to introduce ourselves...Diane (and Tom, Harrison, Olivia and our dog Hunter).

  2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    A vist to the local seafood market located on the harbor next to the Jolly Roger is a must for fresh, locally caught seafood. It is now run by the Ocracoke Waterman's Association, a group of local waterman who make all or part of their living from the sea. Support of the market helps preserve a vanishing Outer Banks tradition. From a long-time and frequent island visitor

  3. The Ocracoke Seafood Company, of course. What was I thinking not to mention this wonderful source for fresh, local seafood. Thanks to our long-time and frequent island visitor!

  4. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Out of curiosity, is Owen's Veggie Stand still in business. Last year when I visited, the stand was still up, but no one was in sight anytime during out visit. I shopped there for many visits prior years and missed it last year.

  5. Owen died several years ago. He was a colorful old-time islander, and we certainly miss him. We miss him and his vegetable stand, but I don't anticipate seeing the stand open again. I spoke with his son recently and he said it was a lot of work, and that he was busy with too many other projects.

  6. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Thank you for your response, and I am sorry for the families loss. If you are able, please share with the family how much island visitors appreciated the stand.