Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Morning in the Sound

I don't know where the time goes. I guess it just flies by when you live on Ocracoke Island and there is so much to do. This morning Al called and asked if we wanted to go clamming. On the way to my pickup truck (I couldn't manage the clam rakes, clam basket, and other supplies on my bike) I passed by David and Lachlan on their porch. A quick call to Al confirmed that his extended family (including Gavin and Max, who is Lachlan's playmate) would also be going, and, of course, there was room for two more in the boat.

The morning was perfect; clear blue sky and warm water. We found a good spot where the water was shallow, and the bottom sandy. Overboard we went, pushing our rakes in front of us. We were surprised to find live cockles (large bivalves that are uncommon in the Sound, but whose individual shells are frequently found on the ocean beach) and live sand dollars (gray-green and covered with "hairs," not the dead, bleached white ones sometimes seen washed up along the ocean's edge). We could have probably harvested hundreds of the sand dollars, but we left them where we found them.

Once we had gathered as many clams as we wanted (actually fewer than the allowed limit) we met back at the boat and played in the water. Max's parents had brought along three hand-pumped water cannons. In no time at all we were engaged in all-out battle, with squeals, laughter, and drama. I think it fair to say that the adults enjoyed themselves at least as much as the three year olds.

We did see one very unusual thing on our outing, but you'll have to stop me when you see me if you want to know what it was. I'm not going to put it on the journal, so don't even ask!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Lou Ann's account of installing an old-fashioned pitcher pump. You can read it here.


  1. Sherrill Page5:44 PM

    sounds like great fun, Philip. sure does make me wish I could be back down there. keep having fun for me.
    love, Sherrill Page

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    That is not Fair not fair at all what about those folks who cannot step foot upon your isle we will have to wonder for a while as the mystery of Oracoke will go unblogged -- now you could tell the story to someone else and they could post it as an overheard in the chatterbox cafe local clammers come upon xyz but it is not fair to pique our interest out her in bloggsville

  3. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Come on now! If I give you my email would you tell me? This could give someone a mental breakdown, not knowing. Come on, pretty please?

    Thanks for all the info you share with us. And you can share and I won't tell! ;)

    Terrie @ Walkertown NC

  4. That sounds like the perfect day.
    My son Nicky and I came down in May for the festival and ended up staying a month. We had such a wonderful time on your island that I decided to try to get a job and move there. We just found out yesterday that I got the job and we will be moving down at the end of July.
    We will be sure to stop by and find out your secret. Maybe you can teach us how to clam. ;)

  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Top ten possibilities of what was seen but is unreported

    10) Edward Teache's headless body doing the backstroke

    9)For sale sign on the pony motel

    8)Bankers ponies

    7) a perfect spot for scotch bonnets

    6)a perfect place for drinking scotch while wearing a bonnet

    5)the remains of the last famous pig roast and Rum Rumble

    4)more dingbatters than you can shake a stick at

    3) more dingbatters that you can shake a stick at

    4)Dr Beach buried up to his head in sand

    3)i'm not going to post the last three on the blog you'll have to stop Philip and ask him