Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Pluvial Week

OK, I just learned a new word -- pluvial. For our most literary readers I won't need to offer a definition, but for the rest of means having to do with rain. And this week has been pluvial. Not torrential downpours. Just overcast days with sprinkles, or occasional heavier rainfall. We got more than an inch of rain during the night a couple of days ago, though. And the forecast is calling for a chance of thunderstorms through Saturday, and maybe beyond.

It means lots of people strolling through the village, since these haven't been the best beach days lately. (And it means plenty of clear ground water from my newly installed hand pump...but no need to pump water since our plants have been getting more than enough rain.)

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Lou Ann's account of installing an old-fashioned pitcher pump. You can read it here.

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