Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Photo

On our field trip to Chicamacomico (that's pronounced chick-a-ma-COM-i-co, not chick-a-mock-a-MEE-co as I once heard it) Lou Ann took this sweet picture as we were standing behind the Life Saving Station watching the historic drill.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Lou Ann's account of installing an old-fashioned pitcher pump. You can read it here.


  1. A wonderful photo! We love it.
    -Don and Mandy

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    What's the weather like down there these days? From the viewpoint of the Avalon Pier Web camera, the ocean appears to be glass flat. Looks doldrumy H-O-T.

  3. It is hot, of course, but often with a cool breeze. Please check the weather icon on our home page for up to date Ocracoke weather info.

  4. Anonymous7:42 AM

    That looks like it could win a Parade magazine photo contest better copy write those pixels

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Looks like a couple of very happy islanders, to me. I would love to know what Lachlan was thinking at that moment..J

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    What a priceless pic. There is nothing but pure happiness in his face...Wonderful


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