Monday, September 22, 2008

Bill's Bike (2)

I heard from Bill earlier today. He had heard from one of the deputies that they'd located his bike. But he didn't have any more information. So I thought I'd wait for the complete story before posting.

So here is the latest news about the bike: It was discovered at the north end of the island, abandoned on a sandy lane near the ferry docks. And it was undamaged. However, Bill's outgoing mail (which was in the basket) was missing.

Here is my theory: Island visitors, on the way to Hatteras Inlet, spied the "free" bike, and hastily loaded it into their pickup. When they arrived at the ferry they inspected the bike and discovered the outgoing mail, and realized their mistake. Not wanting to drive back to the village, they left the bike at the north end and took the mail to the post office back home (let's hope they did that).

We'll probably never know the true story, but this one works for me.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the wreck of the Victoria S, and Ocracoke's first automobile accident. You can read it here.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I guess if the mail gets delivered to it's destination, you'll know that your theory proved to be correct. Let's hope you're right. Carol in Ohio (not the artist)

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    'Twas Blackbeard's ghost rode the demon bike to the far end o' the isle, in search of his long mouldered 'ead.


  3. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Glad to hear that Bill's bike was found. The missing mail is disturbing, however. Hope to hear a happy ending about that one.

  4. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Keep an eye open for mail scattered along the sound side of the road, somewhere between the village and the ferry docks.

  5. Anonymous6:22 PM

    thanks for letting us know about the safe return of Bill's bike. hopefully the mail will be delivered as well. Sherrill

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    stealing mail is a federal offense. The deputy should have called the FBI or postal inspectors to determine how to proceed. The bike at the north end of the island was a CRIME SCENE -- was there no yellow tape involved? Did they dust for finger prints call interpol I forgot you live in a quite town and well things like this get swept under the rug don't want the crime stats rising for your town

  7. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Man I would be mad if they took my 20 per cent off coupon from Bed bath and beyond