Friday, September 19, 2008

Middle of September

It's that time of year again. Traffic to the island has slowed down, so it's not quite as busy. The temperature has dropped (it's been in the 70s lately), and today it's sunny with about a 20 mph breeze. Yesterday I commenced cleaning out the shed behind my house. I'll continue with that project again today. With milder temperatures, and fewer interruptions I'm making good progress. If you're on the island take a stroll down Lawton Lane. I've made a "Free Stuff" pile out by the road. Take what you want (wine rack, dryer vent, hot plate, bicycle, etc.).

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the wreck of the Victoria S, and Ocracoke's first automobile accident. You can read it here.


  1. So today is talk like a pirate day. Did Ocracokers talk like pirates today?

    Teri (frequent visitor to the island)

  2. When you get done your cleaning ~ come to the Piedmont area of NC and clean my messes up.


  3. Any news about Ocracoke radio?

  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Hi Philip,
    Where I come from they say "curb alert", but come to think of it, don't think there are curbs on Ocracoke. Oh well. Carol from Ohio (not the artist)

  5. Philip replies to comments:

    Aye Matey, some folks here talk like pirates every day! (Also see our Sept. 19 post.)

    Sorry, no deal re. the Piedmont mess. I'm still working on my own!

    Ocracoke radio -- Robert (the radio guy) came to our Ocracoke Preservation Society executive meeting on Thursday with a report. It seems like everything is a go, but I don't have a projected date. Robert did mention that they will be setting up a web site where you can listen to Ocracoke Radio from anywhere in the world. When I get more info I'll post it on the journal.

    Carol, you're right, no curbs here. But see Sept. 20 post for more developments!