Saturday, October 25, 2008

Air Conditioning??

I was chatting on the phone with Lou Ann this morning, and she has been telling me how cold it's been in northeastern Indiana lately -- down into the 30s at night. Of course, the trees there have been ablaze with color, and now the fallen leaves are covering lawns and sidewalks. Add pumpkins and corn stalks (Indiana has plenty of corn stalks), along with outdoor ghost stories with folks sitting on hay bales, and you have the quintessential Halloween scene.

What a difference here on the island! It is so warm today (in the mid 70s already), that my upstairs bedroom is feeling a bit stuffy. I've opened all of the windows and doors to cool things off (we do have a stiff breeze blowing today), and I really won't turn on the A/C....but I might be tempted.

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