Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beach Walk

Yesterday morning I just had to get to the beach. It had been several days since I'd last been there. Everything about the walk was perfect. The day was cooler than it had been, but still pleasantly warm (it was in the upper 60s). Lots of broken shells had washed up on the beach. Lo and behold! I found a scotch bonnet, a lettered olive, and two moon snails. Each of the moon snails had a small hole, but the bonnet was whole (though bleached almost white), and the olive was nearly as perfect as any I'd ever found.

The waves were gentle (not much bigger than on the sound side), and the water was almost immediately chest deep. After my 45 minute walk I stripped off my shirt and jumped in. So refreshing! Although the air felt cool when I got out, the water temperature was just right for swimming.

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