Monday, October 06, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

Yesterday afternoon seven of us piled into Gary & Kitty's van and traveled to the Kill Devil Hills movie theater to see "Nights in Rodanthe." We left the island at 1 o'clock in order to catch the 1:30 ferry. We arrived at the theater soon after 4 o'clock, just in time to purchase popcorn, nachos, and drinks to eat in the lobby. The movie started at 4:30.

The movie was predictable. Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, it was a typical tear-jerker, or as they say, a chick-flick. Not my personal choice in film, but it was an enjoyable afternoon's entertainment. Actually, it was more than that, thanks to it's location, and, of course, the Ocracoke island music and musicians.

It's often difficult for islanders to read or watch fiction set on the Outer Banks because we notice all of the inconsistencies (e.g. the 1970s beach house where N in R was set was supposed to have been built by an ex-slave after the Civil War!), but I was able to stifle the urge to criticize.

Towards the middle of the movie Richard Gere and Diane Lane take in a local outdoor party with crab-picking and down-home music. There they were, big as life -- Katy Mitchell belting out "Hurry on Down to My House" in her red dress, and Kevin, Marcy, Lou, and Jubal strumming and drumming behind her. Several other Outer Bankers could also be seen in the scene. But the most prominent was octogenarian and island native, Jule Garrish, singing "Before I Met You." Even though he had only a few brief moments, Jule's face filled the screen.

Of course, we stayed to the very end, and hooted and clapped when the credits listed our friends and neighbors.

After the show we stopped at a brew-pub in Nags Head, then made for the 10 o'clock ferry. I walked into my house at 11 o'clock, weary after spending ten hours just so I could see a movie, but happy I had.

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  1. I have to say that I read N in R 2 times cried like a baby each time. Went to the movie for my b-day, cried like a baby. It is a Chick-Flick, but I'm a chick. Not to much in all that romance stuff, but I was at OBX when they were filming it and I got interested in the book. Never heard of "Sparks" before then. Now I am hooked. But I was wondering how they got the house alone like they did, no houses around it. I guess Hollywood can do anything. Well, 3 more days and I'm there at Ocracoke. Weehee!!

  2. Anonymous3:31 AM

    popcorn nachos and drinks oh my gosh you went to a movie not a restaurant. To eat in the lobby??? don't people eat that stuff in the theater and then throw the trash on the floor. That is what I hate about movie theaters the trash the absolute garbage on the floors.

    I shudder at the thought of the calories in that "meal" but then you certainly did more to get there then most folks do on a trip to the theater.

    an hour really isn't that much time now a days so three hours which includes a ferry ride is I would say travel time wise typical for an Islanders situation No.

    Thanks for putting life on the mainland into perspective too many rush around because they are running a few minutes late a few minutes and then they speed and then they crash

  3. There were seven of us sharing a bag of popcorn and a few nachos. It was hardly a "meal." That came after the movie, at the brew-pub. I had a spring salad and sweet potato, apple, & ginger soup!

    The trip to the movies took ten hours, not three, and, no, we didn't crash. We had a great field trip.

  4. I saw the movie as well this weekend. We live in Montreal, Canada, and have visited the Outer Banks each year since the early 90's and while the moive was a real tear jerker what brought tears to our eyes was the incredible scenery. I have a beautiful picture of my gal under the pier in Rodanthe and belive me she looks better than Diane Lane did. The scenery was spectacular....

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I thought that I would be the only one to drive for hours to see the movie. Had to see it with my best friend whom I travel with to Ocracoke every year. I only had to drive four hours to get to her home.It was worth the drive to see it together, though.

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