Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oysters, Rainbow, & Sand Dollar

On Saturday Lou Ann and I joined a host of islanders (and a few visitors) for the Working Watermen's annual oyster roast and shrimp boil. Wooden saw horses were set up in the Fish House parking lot and covered with plywood. When we arrived dozens of people were standing around the makeshift tables piled with steaming oysters. They were busy opening the oysters, either downing them immediately, or laying them on plates to take to friends and relatives at the nearby picnic tables. Bowls of cocktail sauce and horseradish competed for space with the oysters, opened shells, knives, saltines, and plates of shrimp. A tub of iced soft drinks was on the ground beside the loading dock, but many people had brought bottles and cans of beer to wash down the oysters and shrimp.

Up on the porch "Baby Dee and Free Mustache" entertained the diners with 1950s rock and roll. It was quite the experience! After filling our bellies and visiting with neighbors Lou Ann and I headed for the beach to walk off dinner. Immediately over the dunes we were struck with the sight of a wintertime rainbow. About a football field ahead of us, arcing from the breakers to just behind the dunes, the rainbow formed a tunnel. Knowing better, I walked faster, hoping the laws of physics would be suspended for just a little while so we could duck under the arch and enter a magical world. Of course, the rainbow advanced ahead of us as we proceeded north, but it was magic nonetheless. Only a short distance up the beach Lou Ann stooped down to pick up a perfect sand dollar. It was as good as a pot of gold.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a documentation of the many majestic live oaks on the island. You can read it here.

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  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    A rainbow is a sign of god's faithfulness and mercy-- his covenant with his people that he will not destroy people with a flood Genesis 8 13-17