Monday, December 08, 2008


When Lachlan was 2 1/2 years old he had a too-close encounter with the Easter Bunny. He was warily eying the Bunny (one of the school children dressed up for the annual Easter Egg Hunt) from a distance (I was holding him). Then we were distracted for a few minutes by a neighbor. When we turned around the Bunny was standing just inches from Lachlan's face. From that moment on he wanted nothing to do with anyone in costume (or even a beard).

Last year, when Lachlan was three, Santa was persona non grata. I tried to encourage him to embrace (if not literally, at least metaphorically) jolly old Saint Nick, but no luck. When I explained that Santa brought toys to all good little boys and girls he replied, "I'm a bad little boy!" Then he added, "He's just pretend anyway."

At four, things are starting to turn around. Lachlan even donned a mask for Halloween, and I watched as he ran around during the school carnival, not paying much attention to witches, goblins, or even the elaborately made-up "Joker." When a band of 50 pirate re-enactors descended on the village last month Lachlan wanted to go see them, and even stood by entranced as they marched by (decked out in waist coats, capes, & tri-corn hats, with beards, swords, and pistols) just a foot or two away.

So this holiday season I think Lachlan is looking forward to a visit from Father Christmas...and I think he might even believe in a little bit of magic this year, too.


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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I think that child is very smart. At a young age he can sense a wack-job. Some clown running around in a bunny suit and a fat guy that doesn't want to shave. Now he is older and now has a broader sense of the world-- more perspective -- now he understands make believe and to be in on "it" is more fun than being the one being " entertained"

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Philip, How wonderful to have these happy times with Lachlan! As always thank you for your running commentary on island life. We read it every day; its like a breath of fresh air! Sorry we missed you in October (it was the weekend Frank and Jude went to visit relatives on the eastern shore)...paths didnt cross. We sincerely hope to meet you (finally) this trip. We are counting the days until saturday (just 4 more!!!) I would bet that Lachlan and Kelli (our 4 year old daughter) would get along famously! Until then, JackandCeleste