Monday, December 01, 2008

Ocracoke Artists' Colony

For years I had heard about the Artists' Colony that operated on Ocracoke Island in 1940 & 1941. It was a fascinating story about Bohemian writers, poets, and sculptors, intertwined with local lore and suspicions about German spies. But the stories I had heard were sketchy. After years of on-and-off research I was finally given a key piece of information that allowed me to put together most of the puzzle. The result is our latest Ocracoke Newsletter. Click here to learn more about this interesting story: Ocracoke Artists' Colony

Philip's new book, Digging up Uncle Evans, History, Ghost Tales, and Stories from Ocracoke Island, was published in mid-November. Based on his popular "Down Point" Ghost & History Tour, the book is a compilation of fascinating island history, creepy ghost tales, and other local legends. Click HERE to go directly to to learn more, read the first chapter, and place your order.


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Fascinating story on the Artists Colony...Thanks Philip! I enjoy the blog tremendously. Sheila

  2. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Philip, great article, that sent me wondering if there was some connection between these Artist Colonists and the Rodenthalers, who moved to Ocracoke from Black Mountain College in Asheville, an experimental Arts school (founded in 1933, and as yo know were very active in the OK school and community. There's a great book on BMC by Martin Duberman if you're interested.
    Happy holidays! And thanks again for the article.

    Ron Kostar

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Philip, I meant of course the Rondthalers.