Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stuffed Some

Well...I'm still stuffed some and I'm sure you know what I mean! Thanksgiving fare is sooooooo good and well, sometimes I just don't know when to stop. What a great holiday, no gifts, no cards, just eating. Speaking of eating I thought I's pass on what the Ocracoke Observer has just published about winter restaurant schedules on the island.Back Porch - closed, reopen 2009, Cafe Atlantic - same, Capt. Ben's - same, Creekside Cafe - close mid-December, reopen 3/12/09, Fig Tree - closed til 2009, Flying Melon - same, Howard's Pub - open til 1/5/09 then closed til early March, Jason's- closed 11/29-12/29, reopen 12/30 serving lunch and dinner through the winter, Jolly Roger - closed for the season, Ocracoke Coffee Co. - open Mon. -Thurs. 7AM - 12PM Fri. & Sat., 7AM-5PM. Will close for the season soon, Ocracoke Pizza - look for the blinking open sign, Ocracoke Station Deli ( at the gas station) - open year-round, Pony Island - closing 11/30 will reopen at a later date, Thai Moon - Thurs - Sun, lunch and dinner. Closing for the season soon. Most shops , if still open ,will be closing at the end of the year. So if you're coming to the island this winter keep this information handy so you won't be disappointed. I'm off to visit family for a week or so. See you in December.

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