Saturday, November 08, 2008

Late Afternoon

This is the time of year that islanders just love. Today the sun is bright and warm, with temperature in the low 70s. Yesterday David, Lachlan, and I went to the beach together. We were surprised by the number of vehicles in the "lifeguard beach" parking area, and even more taken aback when we walked over the boardwalk to see several hundred people in a circle, sitting on lawn chairs or standing up. Then we remembered -- this is the weekend for the annual AA Jamboree. They were taking advantage of our extraordinary weather.

Lachlan immediately removed his shoes and socks, and headed north. David and I ambled along nearby, chatting about life, family, and politics, as Lachlan explored. Eventually, he was ready to go back home (he was getting hungry), so we turned back. It could hardly have been a more pleasant late afternoon. The western sky was an artist's palette of warm pastels as the sun sank below the horizon.

On the way home, at the post office, I chatted with Lachlan as David checked his mail. Lachlan was curious about the time of day. He wondered if it was night, even though it wasn't yet very dark. I explained dusk and twilight. He liked the word "twilight" best. Then I told him the word "crepuscular." He had a grand time trying to say it right, then got laughing so hard as he purposely mommucked the word. We played with the word until we arrived back home.

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  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    where i live we are inland on a peninsula the weather changes within a few hours perhaps that is similar to a coastal setting the trade winds blow in clouds and fog and mistand then it clears

  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Tomorrow is my first visit to your island. Being a retired Marine, I have deep sense of connection with the ocean and the Carolinas. Being raised in Texas, I am fascinated by beaches and culture. I look forward to my visit with my family and to reading your first book, I'll be the one in a black charger. Congrats! Jeff P.S. I have not written my first book, but have been feeling the itch, maybe this trip will be the inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful articles. I feel like I am more intune with the island.