Monday, November 03, 2008


Every summer, at every threat of a hurricane, I worry about the duct work under the Village Craftsmen. More than once tide water has washed over the island and risen up under the building, destroying the ducts. Not only is it expensive to replace (I have a high deductible), but there is always the chance that we could loose days or weeks worth of business while we have it fixed. Even to install window air conditioners can be expensive and far from satisfactory.

So, when I learned recently that I needed a major repair on our central HVAC unit I decided to install, instead, a combination split-duct system and "motel units." Luckily, we haven't needed A/C or heat for several weeks. But all day today I've had carpenters and electricians here getting things ready for the HVAC contractor. Of course, we couldn't be open for business today...and maybe we won't be ready until late tomorrow or Wednesday. But when it's all finished I will be able to weather next year's storms with far less stress.

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