Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lovely Bones

Jim Goodwin, who makes our wonderful "ships in bottles" (see, will have his creations featured in the upcoming motion picture, "The Lovely Bones," based on the novel by Alice Sebold.

Recently he sent me this link to the trailer for the movie: The main web site is

You can see Jim's ships as well as one of his big models behind Mark Walberg. Jim says, "Look for the 'Mercury' with the Ocracoke Lighthouse."

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is Lou Ann's story about volunteering for turtle patrol with the National Park Service. You can read her story and see her pictures here:


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Bones, this is ironic. Bones, a notable death and your post is bones.
    Okay, where were you when you heard the news???. I must say ,I have mixed emotions and I -- I am Irish!!!! Not a "practicing" or is it a "good" Catholic--- why is it always prefaced with good as to differentiate from bad??? Yeah so and so he is a "bad" Catholic????? labels can we live with them should we live without them?? What was the talk around Your water cooler????? Participate in an informal survey if you dare!!

  2. After reading this comment late this afternoon I realized that someone well known had died. Tonight at the Ocracoke Opry I asked a neighbor. I wasn't surprised to learn that Ted Kennedy had died.

    I don't follow current events very carefully. Perhaps it is a consequence of living on an island. I know my neighbors, I am part of this community, and I also have a commitment to my country. But I don't subscribe to a daily newspaper and I don't watch television, so it is sometimes days before I hear about national events.

    There wasn't any talk around our water cooler. In fact we don't have a water cooler. As far as I know, there isn't a water cooler on the island. Ocracoke really is different, for better or worse.

    But I do send condolences to the Kennedy family.