Friday, August 14, 2009


I was off the island recently and someone I met used the common expression, Thank God it's Friday. Jim is a long-distance truck driver for FedEx, and he was understandably happy that his work week was coming to an end. I was reminded that only a few Ocracokers have what would be considered a normal work week. Of course there are island school teachers and a few others who have Monday - Friday, 40 hour a week schedules. But there are plenty of fishermen (commercial and charter boat), store keepers, musicians, artists, motel workers, waiters, carpenters, and others who work when they must (including weekends and evenings), with little regard for the day of the week.

For all of those folks it will be TGIF (Thank God it's Fall), or TGIW (Thank God it's Winter), or maybe just TGITEOTS (Thank God it's the End of the Season) several months from now. But for now we're all still in the midst of another work season that at least includes opportunities for swimming, fishing, clamming, and time with family & friends.

I say TGIO (Thank God it's Ocracoke!).

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is Lou Ann's story about volunteering for turtle patrol with the National Park Service. You can read her story and see her pictures here:


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    TGIO - Sounds like a new idea for another Bumper Sticker!!

    See you in November,


  2. Ditto on the Bumper sticker idea! i'll be looking for one on my trip there next year. We couldn't make it this year and its killing me! Ocracoke is like coming home.