Monday, August 02, 2010

Bittersweet Day

This is a special day for Lachlan and me. It is our birthday! Since Lachlan was born (six years ago) it has been easy for me to remember how old I am...I just need to add sixty to his age. We don't have anything big planned for the day, just a family lunch (my brother Bud and his wife Jamie are coming down for the day). We already had a cookout last week to celebrate Lou Ann's and our birthdays.

Unfortunately, today is Lou Ann's last day on the island this summer. Her school starts in a week and she is leaving with Bud and Jamie this afternoon (her flight is early tomorrow morning). We have had such a wonderful (though short!) summer together -- walks on the beach, rides in the boat, time with family, cruises on Windfall II, pot lucks, performances, romantic dinners, visits with neighbors,...and so much more. Sometimes we just sit on the pizer and marvel at what a magical place Ocracoke Island is -- the beach, the sunsets, the starry sky...and the fascinating community of talented, caring, diverse, and quirky people.

We will all miss Lou one more than I. She adds so much to our island community. The good part is that we know she'll be back!

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the 1913 wreck of the 6-masted schooner, George W. Wells. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    wow Happy Birthday to You and Lachlan. I do believe it is Martha Stewart's birthday too. Perhaps a fancy cake is in order as a fancy cake fits a special occasion. AS does an encore performance of the Dancing man perhaps if he had a dancing girl to cut the rug with ...

  2. Happy Birthday, Philip & Lachlan! Hope it's a wonderful day! Safe travel wishes to Lou Ann!

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Philip, hearty Happy B-day wishes to you and Lachlan from a NC mainlander!!!

    So sorry you and Ocracoke have to say "Farewell" to Lou Ann. Good-byes are tough...especially for the one leaving the island.

    Admittedly, I usually stand alone on the rail & quietly have misty eyes for the first 30 or so minutes of every ferry ride as we slowly pull out of "The Ditch" making our way towards Swan Qtr. I try to soak up every memorable view of the Ocracoke water tower and lighthouse as both gradually fade away from my sight; etching anything and everything I can into my mind, while the ferry steadily churns through the shining Pamlico.

    Arriving at Ocracoke and coming into beautiful Silver Lake Harbor sends my heart soaring, but leaving that unique and charming place on earth, is always so darn tough...even after so many years!

    I hope your separation will be a short one, and that you both will be together again before too many days pass!

    And, won't that amazing view that touches such a deep place in our very soul as one returns to the island, be a thrill which most of us never, ever tire to see!

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    happy birthday, Cap'n Philip & Lachlan!

  5. Anonymous1:05 PM

    My wife, too, never fails to tear up as the ferry pulls out of the dock marking the start of our trek home.

  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Happy Birthday Cap'n Phil and Lachlan!!!! Hope you have many, many more! And safe travels to everyone departing...may your stay away be short!

    From a friend in Virginia

  7. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Happy Birthday Cap'n Phillip & Lachlan! Farewell to Lou Ann, didn't she just get there?

    From Canton, Ohio

  8. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Hope you had a great birthday, Captain Phillip.=) And Happy Birthday to Lachlan!

  9. Happy Birthday Philip and Lachlan!

  10. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Happy Birthday Phillip. Miss you and Lou Ann. I believe the whole Island will miss her. You should do something about that.
    I come every year and all I hear about is Phillip and Lou Ann. When I finally met you both one night, I knew why. You may be Captain, but she owns the Island.