Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

Today was Lachlan's first day of school. I'm not sure how many children will be in his grade, but I did hear that there are more than 150 students in the school this year...the most there have ever been.

Since Ocracoke School has no cafeteria (I believe it's the only school in the state without one) he will walk home for lunch. Then I can hear how his morning went.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter, Looking for the Wahabs of Ocracoke, was written by Dr. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute. You can read the article here:


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    does a smaller school lack of opportunities for parents/grandparents to volunteer? I would think any school would have need in the media center PTA or school improvement committee. all three give those involved or attending the meetings a very good idea of what is happening and channels for input. This is not the time of year for any o
    one with a child in school to go on auto pilot also a marching band is a must or at least a drum line or drum circle living on an island a drum circle is a natural and what a great visual for tv reports i look forward to reading and Hearing the Ocracoke Island Drum Circle --- a
    Denjbe thats the ticket

  2. I believe everyone on Ocracoke would be flabbergasted to see a full marching band here...complete with drum major in plumed hat and baton. Sometimes we have problems simply having enough students for a basketball team!

    Now a drumming circle...sometimes Jubal Creech and/or Chuck Davis and his African Dance Ensemble ( come to the Ocracoke School to perform and engage the children in drumming and dancing.

    We may be isolated, but we do have some great opportunities to expand our horizons.

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Philip, little Lachlan's adorable school photo warms my heart! I love his blue cap! Seeing him walking to school, which I realize is only a little ways away from Howard Street, just takes me back to a sweet time in my life.

    When you mentioned that Lachlan returns home for lunch I immediately thought of Opie Taylor from the iconic "The Andy Griffith Show".

    I can't wait to hear how Lachlan's first day of school went today! What a cherish memory it will be!

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Philip: I snapped my little one toddling off to the bus stop yesterday for his first day, too--at the University of Pittsburgh. In sending the photo to mom, who was at work, I recalled the shared image of our son's first day of school, just like Lachlan's. Mom responded "Tears in my eyes." The time, she flies. And I know from your posts that you and yours savor such moments, made all the more special by your unique island home. Best to all for many more memorable days.

  5. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Philip, I hope you'll see this message....Ocracoke Harbor Inn web-cam isn't working today. Can you please investigate? Many thanks!

    How was Lachlan's first day of school? What a precious pic!

  6. I don't know why the Harbor Inn web cam is not working (I never look at need to...I see a similar view nearly every day), but if I find out I'll let you know. My guess is that it will be up and running again soon.

    Lachlan said his first day was "great." Let's hope that attitude continues!

  7. Anonymous9:15 AM

    The county where I live now requires uniforms -- don't worry -- I spied a few students on their way home and I thought I was looking a model from a JCrew magazine page for a polo shirt and chinos. Why all the uproar??. Do you think uniforms foster esprit de corps at a public school.?? What is the harm if a child is focused on learning and not on the fact Sally has a new pair of jeans??

  8. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Philip....I did hear from Megan @ The Ocracoke Harbor Inn and the web-cam is working now. Problem corrected. I appreciate your help.

    Yes, I guess Ocracoke web-cams are useless to you since you see the authentic gorgeous harbor views in person. Gosh! You do make me envious!!!!

    Glad Lachlan had a "Great" first day of school! Ahhh....youth!

    Thanks, again!

  9. Loved the pic of your little boy's first day of school. I taught first grade for 35 and a half years before retiring. I'm glad he had a great first day and hope he has many more.

    Hubby and I love Ocracoke. Thanks for sharing "O" with those of us who can't spend more time there.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!