Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Interesting Photo

After reading Monday's post about Howard Street at night, one of our readers, Barbara, sent me the photo below. She took the picture during the Christmas season, 2008. Click on the photo to view a larger image...then leave a comment with your idea about what the image is in the lower center.

And be sure to take a stroll down Howard Street after dark sometime!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of a 1911 wedding on Portsmouth Island. You can read it here:


  1. bill kostar7:43 AM

    I'll guess the image is someone standing on School Road.

  2. Here's what Barbara wrote:
    "I did not use a flash so the quality is not good. On my digital camera screen I did not notice the white spot in the middle of the road (no lights or decorations in that area). When I got home and was looking at the photos on my computer and zoomed in on the spot... well you look and tell me."

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM


  4. Definitely. A ghost.

  5. Anonymous9:45 AM

    You can't fool me. Looks like Amy.

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM

    It looks like a light shining through someone's door.

  7. Anonymous10:40 AM

    It's a snowman!

  8. It looks like a glass bottle someone left out that is catching the light from the Christmas lights.

  9. debbie s.11:39 AM

    im thinking a doorway. if you zoom in on the pic, you can see the sharp 90 angles making an upright door shape. my guess is someone opened a door and you just didnt notice, and/or the light magnified when you took the pic. :)

    ironically enough the word verification for me to submit my post is dead. LMAO

  10. debbie s.11:40 AM

    upon close examination, i still say doorway with a xmas tree that does not seem to be lit.

  11. Wesley11:51 AM

    The bright-ish spot in the middle towards the bottom is something lit up or otherwise is what is casting the reddish glow below and to the left of well as a slight glow onto the tree to the left of it. I can't tell enough to guess exactly what the light source is though...perhaps a solar light on a fencepost by the side of the road?

  12. Bear Said,

    My vote goes to the reflecting door theory. After zooming, it appears to be trimmed at the edges and bottom in 90 degree angles, That type of image I would expect to see from a thermal imaging camera and not from a standard digital.

    Fun though.

    TTFN, Bear

  13. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Tell us what YOU think Philip.

  14. Anonymous1:47 PM


  15. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Haven't got a clue!

  16. I think it's a mystery!

    PS: I've had a number of people tell me they are having trouble posting comments. Sometimes I get an email with the comments, even if they didn't get posted. When I notice this I'll re-post...but I don't always notice. I'm not sure what is causing the problems.

  17. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Looks like the flash reflected on a mail box ... but then there are no mailboxes on the island. So, I'd guess maybe a small sign?

  18. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I'm of the opinion that it's my front door... W

  19. Anonymous9:36 AM

    If you put a powerful magnifier on the golden bottle, door, person, mail box, solar reflector, Amy, snowman, Uncle Evans, you will see clearly that it is a dog - black nose and eyes, both ears sticking straight up, tail curled over the back, mid-length golden hair. But, whoa! Is "Digby The Only Dog"? If so, this is not Digby.

  20. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I don't know what the lighted imagine is, but it reminds me of an angel. Whatever it is, it looks like Philip and Amy may have new material to add to their nightly ghost tale tours!

    V-e-r-y I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g!

  21. Anonymous9:51 AM

    It's got to be a haint!!!

  22. Anonymous3:29 PM

    good grief who cares what a waste of time

  23. Anonymous12:55 PM

    There is nothing more awesome than riding your bike down Howard Street in the full moonlight.