Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pamlico Inn

Established by the Taylor family, and later owned by Gary Bragg, the Pamlico Inn was last owned by Captain Bill and Miss Annie Gaskill.

The Pamlico Inn sat on the waterfront, near the end of Lighthouse Road, facing Pamlico Sound. The Inn was a popular destination for hunters and fishermen. This photo was taken from a large platform at the end of the dock. In the summer island teenagers, young adults, and visitors congregated there every Saturday night for the weekly square dances.

The Pamlico Inn was destroyed beyond repair in the 1944 hurricane.

You can click on the photo to view a larger image.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a list of traditional island remedies. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Philip, your description of the Saturday night square dances conjures up a lot of laughter, hooping and hollering. I'm sure the happy sounds could be heard from a long distance. Too bad the 1944 hurricane destroyed The Pamlico Inn.

    Thanks for sharing the vintage photo.

  2. Anonymous12:46 AM

    But wait, it begs the question Are there still square dances held on a regular basis on OI. I know in Key West there once was a group called nautical wheelers Immortalized in song on an LP ladies and gentlemen called Living and Dying in three-quarter time

  3. When I was a teenager the square dances were held in the old school recreation hall (originally one of the WWII Navy Jimmy's Buffet restaurant). We still do the traditional island square dance at the OcraFolk Festival in June, on the 4th of July, and occasionally at other times.

    I have written a booklet describing the Ocracoke Island Square Dance. It is available from the Ocracoke Preservation Society.


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