Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Afternoon

You just never know what you're going to find on the beach. Easter Sunday afternoon Lida, Bill, & I took a stroll just south of the campground. Lida was hoping to find some seashells; I was happy just to be outside on such a glorious day.

Down the beach we spotted a large green object at the high tide line. At first I thought it was someone fiddling with a kite or a beach umbrella, but it soon became apparent that it was not moving. As we came closer I realized it was a buoy. We joked that we might roll it back home and use it as a lawn ornament.

"I wish I had my camera with me," I blurted out.

"Don't you have your cell phone?" Bill asked.

I'm not very savvy with my phone, but I was able to get this photo:

(Click on photo to see a larger image.)

I'm guessing this is the Hatteras Inlet buoy that came loose when last Saturday night's severe weather passed by. I suppose the Coast Guard will eventually retrieve it. In the meanwhile, I think it's safe right where it is.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a history of the Ocracoke Preservation Society. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news042111.htm.


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Do you have one of those "smart" phones?

    My cell phone does not take pictures. I don't need a phone that is smarter than I am.

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Intrigued by the photo as well as the story.

    What severe weather did you have on Sat evening?

  3. I do not have a smart phone...and I seldom use my phone to take photos, but maybe I will more often now.

    The severe weather that spawned so many tornadoes and did so much damage in NC and the south (killing dozens of people) passed over the Outer Banks last Saturday, not this Saturday (I just edited the blog to make it clear). We didn't have any property damage or injuries on the island.

  4. Julie S.11:47 AM

    What does a buoy like that weigh? Size-wise I assume it is "bigger than a bread box" but smaller than an elephant? Curious folk stuck on land want to know. Thanks!

  5. I have no idea how much that buoy weighs. The "body" of the buoy is about the size of a large chest-type freezer, maybe a little bigger.

  6. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Next time, tell Bill to stand next to the buoy so that we can see how big they both are.

  7. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Great shot Philip! I feel the same way -don't want to be bothered with a camera when I walk, but having it on my phone is great cause then I get to send & receive pxtx msgs with my grandkids who are far away. Send as many as you can-you'll get bored before we will.

  8. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Guessing the buoy came loose?

    What, you didn't hear of the Coast Guard's plans for the new inlet?

    From your photo, it looks as if Phase 1 of the project is right on schedule.


  9. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I'm Anon#2...thanks for explaining which Sat Ocracoke had severe weather. I'm in Person county and we had major damage in the northern part from a confirmed EF2 tornado. No lost of life, thankfully, but a lot of damage to property, homes and a school. We were most fortunate, though. Other areas in the state had much more damage and lost of life.

    I'm glad to hear Ocracoke Island was spared from the worst of it.