Friday, January 13, 2012


It rained most of the day Wednesday, but Thursday arrived bright and clear. We decided it was a perfect day for a walk along the beach. In the village, trees bent over and danced in the wind, but we weren't quite prepared for how strong the wind was once we crossed the dunes. It must have been blowing 20-25 mph from the southwest. A steady stream of sand pelted our legs as we turned toward the South Point, facing directly into the wind. With hooded sweatshirts pulled tight around our heads we trudged forward, hardly talking.

We loosened our hoods and began chatting when we turned around and headed back. The seas were churned up by the wind, and  sea foam waves crashed on the shore. No dolphins were to be seen.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a large, fast moving object just offshore. It was a purple bow kite...and kiteboarder, of course...flying north, skimming over the tops of waves, surfing on the breakers, and soaring yards above the whitecaps! It was quite a sight. How thrilling it must be to hold on tight as the wind carries you along and over the wild water. We were happy to see that a friend in an SUV was following the kiteboarder down the beach.

There is always a little excitement on Ocracoke, even in the winter.

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  1. Jackie W.9:53 AM

    Wonder if it was Randal Mathews

  2. debbie s.10:08 AM

    kiteboarding's a blast, and what a perfect day for it!

  3. What a mental picture you have painted of my favorite place.

  4. It literally took my breath away to watch! The one time I didn't have my camera...ahhh pictures in your mind.

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Well good grief Lou Ann, even Ansel Adams must have missed a few. I'm just so grateful for the many beautiful pictures we would never have seen without you.