Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you a wonderful day of offering thanks for our many blessings.

And a special, hearty "Thank You" to all of our faithful readers. We hope you enjoy the fruits of this bounteous land, share a portion with others, and celebrate this day with family and friends. 


  1. bill kostar7:36 AM

    We celebrated Thanksgiving on the island some years ago, and always enjoy our annual visits, renewing old friendships and making new acquaintances.
    Ocracoke is a very special place with lots of wonderful people.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Bear MacDonald9:10 AM

    I always enjoy Bill's positive commentaries. Thank's Bill.
    Once when leaving an employer, a colleague offerred me this sagely advice,"Always have something to look foreward to." Although hurricane Sandy kept me from returning to the island for a second trip this year, I can always look forward to coming back. There have been times when thoughts of Ocracoke have been what I needed to alleveate the insanity of my working world.
    Thanks Philip and may all have a blessed, safe nand harmonious Thanksgiving.

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Already spent time this morning here in Pittsburgh reminiscing about happy Thanksgivings spent on Ocracoke. Best to you and yours, Philip, and all kindred spirits who consider Ocracoke a second "home."

    And don't forget to note the anniversary of Blackbeard's demise on this date, just off your shores back in 1718. I recall commemorating the date on the 290th anniversary back in 2008, arriving on the island for the week just before end-of-day, racing to Springer's Point, beating a path through the woods to Teach's Hole, and catching a snapshot of a crimson sunset just before it sank below the horizon.

    Many fond Ocracoke memories!

  4. Anon 12:29 -- Thanks for the reminder about Blackbeard's final battle at Ocracoke on Nov. 22, 1718.