Friday, November 09, 2012

Veterans Day Celebration

This morning at 9 am Ocracoke students and staff will hold their annual Veterans Day Celebration at the flag pole in front of the school.

Everyone is welcome to attend. A light breakfast will be served to all veterans immediately following the ceremony.

We join with the Ocracoke School and other members of our community, state, and nation in honoring our veterans.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Ocracoke and the War of 1812. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    This is odd. Veterans Day is observed on November 11. Why observe it on a day better for those "observing" it. My point is to a veteran it is the 11th. If you go about your "business" and chose not to attend the official events on the official day due to it being inconvenient wow . was it not inconvenient to those who gave their life, to those that were cut short, to those that survived the horrors of war. for us to be so contrary. What a country. It will only gain new meaning if there is a draft. Service to your country in some capacity perhaps a reserve unit-- if you don't want to serve - don't expect any "hand outs" no tax breaks no FEMA assistance etc. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. (My favorite veteran is George Carlin, may he RIP)

  2. I think any day is a good day to honor our veterans. That the school is doing it at all is pretty admirable in this day and age. November 11 is on Sunday and therefore classes would not be in session. Also this gives the veterans a chance to participate in more events.
    Now if the students chose to protest veterans? I could understand the criticism.

    I say well done Ocracoke School students!

  3. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Veterans Day is November 11th, but its official observance this year is November 12th. Ocracoke School kids don't have school on the 12th, in observance of the holiday. Hence, the school celebration on the 9th. No one said this date was chosen for convenience. It was chosen because school will actually be in session and the kids will be there to honor the vets.

    There are no "official events on the official day" on Ocracoke. Veterans will be recognized at church on Sunday, but there won't be nearly as many people there as there were at the school today (200+).

    Anon 11:30 needs to find something else to get on his high horse about.

  4. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Well said.

  5. Debbie Leonard8:22 AM

    Maybe you ought to disable comments unless approved by you; you seem to have some trolls that stalk your blog.

  6. Debbie, maybe one day I will require my approval before publishing comments, but for now I choose not to. Uninformed, irrational, poorly thought out comments will generally be seen for what they are...and readers can choose not to read comments (or ignore them) whenever they want.

    By the way, thank you for your continued readership and thoughtful comments!

  7. debbie s.11:31 AM

    I prefer it when people make themselves look like idiots.

    Makes it easier for the rest of us to identify them ;)

  8. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Maybe they ought to attend the church service as now they know one is scheduled. Wow some people died to defend our right to free speech. If you want to disable-- code word censor --censorship on this day-- ya'll read the BILL OF RIGHTS -- Official--- what about appropriate ---honor those on their day veterans day Nov 11th. If they choose the spotlight they will be present on Veterans Day Nov. 11th to honor the brotherhood. This message allowed by PH GOD BLESS AMERICA

  9. Anonymous3:07 PM

    The school is closed - closed to allow for a ceremony to observe the official day ( which falls on a Sunday) the previous friday could have been the day for closure of the school thus no loss of valuable classroom instruction now in addition to Friday ya'll have monday to observe in addition to Sunday wow that is a lot of time to think about those that served your country GOD BLESS AMERICA to observe therefore preventing the loss of classroom instruction time on the clock on the taxpayers dime and honoring the veterans it is a delicate balance Veterans 1 School 2

  10. Anonymous1:05 PM

    well said

  11. Anonymous10:58 PM

    The Bill of Rights guarantees that the government won't infringe on your right to free speech.

    The Bill of Rights has nothing to do with a personal blog.

    Philip has the right to delete, and yes, censor, any comments that he doesn't want on here. It's his blog.

    You have the right to free speech, and you can start your own blog and say whatever hateful stuff you want to on there.

    Meanwhile, Ocracoke will celebrate Veterans Day as we damn well choose, and if you don't like it, you can move here, volunteer for the school calendar committee and the school/community events committee, and set things right. Good luck with that!

  12. Well said Anon 10:58 pm

  13. Stargazrr5:23 PM

    Perhaps the Anonymous bloggers could spend their energy going out to volunteer to assist Veterans, instead of bickering online. Just a thought!


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