Monday, August 05, 2013

"Baptist" Girls?

This past Friday and Saturday nights Lou Ann, Sundae, and Marcy delighted enthusiastic audiences with story and song. Lou Ann's performance of her original piece, "A Baptist Girl's Guide to Love and Happiness" resonated with all of the ladies...and entertained the men, too.

Sundae, Lou Ann, & Marcy

After their stellar performance the stars treated their partners to pizza from the wood-fired oven at Dajio's.

Ocracoke Island is brimming with talent. Whenever you are on the island be sure to check the bulletin board at the Post Office for current announcements of coming events.

(The lovely flowers are from Chester at Annabelle's Florist on the Back Road.)

Our current Ocracoke Newsletter is an account of Infant & Childhood Mortality on Ocracoke. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Congratulations. I hope the OI Post office has been busy this summer dispatching thousands of post cards Handwritten in cursive. This bit of future ephemera will document life on the island in the early 21st century. Lou Ann's column mentioned August daylight is dwindling making way for Autumn! Already? Once the school bell rings the leaves are soon to change color. This talk of year round school, is this for the peter pan in us ? Does not one need the summer to recharge but oh no the student that forgets what he learned last year spends the new year relearning blah blah blah. Well does not the Lord helps those that help themselves? Listen up kids practice those math facts. better yet, write a Justin Beiber hit about Math be a code talker programing code that is, black gold, Texas tea. Which reminds me Webstagram the new techno kid on the block-- simple direct better than FB ? Maybe Lou Ann can give it a test run and let us know what she thinks!!DD

  2. My wife Lynne Campbell and I enjoyed the performance on Friday very much. Great storytelling on an island of great storytellers, this performance became theatre itself -- possibly something like the very beginnings of theatre, featuring juxtapositions of actor and musical chorus. Thank you, and Kudos to all of you!