Friday, September 13, 2013

Crab Spider

Every once in a while I stumble across an intriguing and unusual spider. This one we call a crab spider because of its shape and its six spiny projections. Biologists call this critter a "Crablike Spiny Orbweaver" (Gasteracantha concriformis).

I encountered this fellow busily weaving a web across the trail at Hammock Hills. I ducked under, and didn't disturb him at all.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an account of the recent skirmishes islanders have had with North Carolina legislatures over the issue of ferry tolls...and a 1955 newspaper editorial advocating free, state-operated ferries across Hatteras Inlet. You can read it here:


  1. debbie s.6:10 AM

    hes kinda cool looking!

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Now THERE is a never-before-seen creature (at least by my eyes). Too cool! Gonna have to put a visit to that nature trail atop the to-do list for my next Ocracoke visit. Thanks for posting the image, Philip, as always.

    Judging from recent posts here, it seems as if you frequent the nature trail somewhat regularly yourself. If so, can you speak to its appeal? From here in the gently rolling hills of Southwestern PA, it would seem that Hammock Hills affords O'cockers (and visitors) one of few places on the island where nature lovers might "get away from it all" in a publicly accessible, wooded setting, under a canopy of green (as well as spiders and snakes).

    Look forward to learning more about the place in advance of visiting it myself someday, hopefully sooner than later.

    A pleasant weekend to ye.

    1. The Nature Trail is a pleasant alternative to the beach. It is wooded, green, and shaded. Worth the visit.

  3. Spiders are such fascinating creatures! In the morning when their webs were covered with dew, my Grammie would tell me that the fairies had done their wash.

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Mr./Ms Orbweaver appears to have a Unibrow, two eyes (or is it really 10), two nostrils and a dotted grin. those "fins" make it look like a sunshine or a mid-evil implement of harm-- thanks for posting the image. We benefit much from your smart phone-- next thing-- you make webstagram account--- post more images --and perhaps a 15 sec video or two. our cup runneth over. Oh, I ask of you too much. Wilbur

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Trademark the image for the OI Halloween Ball. A ghoulish smilely face if ever I saw one. DD