Tuesday, November 05, 2013


This photo of members of the Ocracoke Needle and Thread Club was taken several years ago. The ladies were working on a traditional Ocracoke Island "cracker quilt."

Earlier this year I published a blog post about the origin of this pattern. If you missed it you can read it here: http://villagecraftsmen.blogspot.com/2013/03/cracker-quilt.html.

The Needle and Thread Club continues to meet regularly on the island. Every year they donate a beautiful quilt to the Ocracoke Preservation Society for their annual raffle. Click on the photo below (this year's quilt) for more information about how to enter to win. But hurry, this year's quilt raffle drawing will take place December 10 at the OPS Community Wassail Party.


Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a brief history of the Soundfront Inn, one of the oldest structures on the island. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news102113.htm.


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I am sure that picture captures this work in progress. As I see the pieces are being arranged together to create a final product. The dominate red is quite striking. It appears that there are four rectangles in each block vs the image in your link which shows a three rectangle pieced square with white triangles. Perhaps the club has an image of the finished quilt and the final block arrangement. It would be nice to see how a four rectangle block with the vivid red, played out. Perhaps the quilting club has a web site and has posted images of their handiwork. Bravo ! needling at its best.

    1. I recommend you go back and look again at my earlier blog post: http://villagecraftsmen.blogspot.com/2013/03/cracker-quilt.html,

      There is a photo of a finished Ocracoke cracker quilt, and this explanation: "Ocracokers, in their typically unconventional manner, adapted the Cracker Quilt in several ways. Instead of three rectangles, they used four, all of different colors. According to island tradition, one rectangle is always red. Also, the four triangles are often the same color. As a result, the design no longer looks like a Christmas Cracker, though the name persists."

      I hope this helps.

  2. I have the dozen quilt raffle tickets that I bought in April hanging on my fridge along with a picture of that beautiful lighthouses quilt.

  3. debbie s.9:53 AM

    I also have quite the collection of tickets up on my shelf. LOL Maybe I will be lucky and get to add the quilt to my home! And if not, the money goes to a great cause!