Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Maybe not a blizzard like in much of the rest of the country...and maybe not the 8 inches predicted (probably 2 inches), but snow on Ocracoke is still a curiosity. Enjoy these photos by Sundae Horn. She will have more posted on the Ocracoke Current later today.

Ocracoke United Methodist Church

The Bragg-Howard House

Howard Street

Ocracoke Lighthouse

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an account of the 2013 Portsmouth Island Christmas Bird Count. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    NC Mainlander just knew she could count on you, Philip, to provide such breathtaking winter snow scenes of Ocracoke!!!

    I am assuming O.I. now has electricity. WPTF 680 AM reported several times O I. was in the dark and cold.

    THANKS, again, for sharing your amazing pics.

    Stay warm!

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Philip, NC Mainlander just noticed some type of exterior work at the Meth. Church. I have had the honor of playing the piano for a wedding in that church. Do you know what is being done?

    Thank you for allowing me to be curious.

  3. Anonymous7:35 PM

    NC Mainlander also thanks Sundae for taking the pics. I have really enjoyed enlarging each scene and "pretending" I am standing in snow on Ocracoke Island.

  4. Sundae8:30 PM

    The church is getting a new roof. The crew wasn't working today!

  5. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Thanks, Sundae, for the info...hope you still have your electricity! At 5:15 am, Thurs, the temp has dropped to 3 degrees in Roxboro. NC Mainlander hopes everyone is warm & safe.

  6. I LOVE the pictures of the church and Howard Street!!