Friday, June 06, 2014

The Community Store

The Community Store reopened its doors on May 24 after being closed for three years. Established in 1918 by Mr. Amasa ("Mace") Fulcher, the store soon established itself as the focal point of commerce and social activity on the "Creek" side of the village.

As island tourism expanded, the Community Store porch, with a long bench and comfortable rockers, became a favorite place for locals and visitors to retreat from the sun, relax, and interact.

Lauren & Joseph, the new proprietors, have had a few unexpected set-backs in getting the shelves stocked, but new items are arriving regularly. You will find fresh produce, organic items, and baked goods, along with cold drinks and snacks. The new entrepreneurs are excited about stocking a larger selection of organic foods as well as milk and eggs from an eastern North Carolina dairy.

Lauren & Joseph plan to expand their products with beer & wine, selected marine items and beach supplies (sunscreen, chap stick, etc.). Before the end of the season they hope to offer deli sandwiches and seating on the rear deck on the shore of Silver Lake.

Be sure to stop by, do some shopping, and encourage the Community Store's new owners to continue working to bring new life into this iconic island business.  

You can read a history of the Community Store here:

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the curious story of Vera/Charlie Williams. You can read it here:


  1. Vickie P.8:15 AM

    We shopped there opening week and found them to have a nice selection of produce. Hope they do well.

  2. Glad to hear the Community Store is back! I loved shopping there! Those who have never been to Ocracoke cannot imagine the variety and quality of items in the quaint shops and restaurants on that tiny little island!

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Q: Update re. the April 2008 update in the history of the Community Store. While I recall the Community Store reopen sometime after 20008, it subsequently closed again, didn't it, in advance of its current re-reopening?

    Just trying to parse the timeline. In any case, best wishes to the new proprietors. It's always been our pleasure to visit that store in its various incarnations over the years.

    1. I believe James & Susan operated the store for about 3 years, then it was closed again for another 3 years. The property is now owned by the non-profit organization, The Ocracoke Foundation. Joseph & Lauren are leasing the building.


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