Friday, November 14, 2014

Leonard Bryant

Below is a reprint of the obituary for Ocracoke Islander, Leonard Bryant (August 11, 1874-November 15, 1960), who died 54 years ago tomorrow:

White Friends Hold Last Rites For Negro Man
Ocracoke -- Leonard Bryant, 82 [according to my sources, he was 86], a member of the only Negro family on Ocracoke, died last week.

Funeral services were conducted Nov. 16 in the Methodist Church, of which he had been a member and sexton for many years. Since there is no segregation in the church, he had taken communion with the white members during that time. All pallbearers at the funeral were white.

He was buried in the unsegregated community cemetery.

Bryant came to Ocracoke at the age of 19 to help the late George Credle run the old Ponder Hotel. He lived alone in a home adjacent to that of other members of his family; his wife, who has been ill, has been living with a daughter in Winston-Salem.


Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a 1910 article about waterfowl hunting. You can read it here:

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