Monday, June 22, 2015

June Newsletter

We have just published our latest Ocracoke Newsletter, the story of the grounding of the Prohibition-era rum runner, Messenger of Peace, at Ocracoke Inlet in August of 1921. An interview with Ocracoke native (and Portsmouth Island resident) Mattie Gilgo illustrates how delighted some folks were when this vessel fetched up here!

You can read the article here: additional word about my latest book, Howard Street Hauntings: The book is available from Village Craftsmen on-line (  To display the most economical shipping costs (USPS Media Mail) when ordering on-line, choose "More Carriers" and "USPS Media Mail."


  1. That link isn't working, but I put in my order last night.
    With postage came to $18.95.
    Can't wait to read it.

    1. Sorry about the broken link. I fixed it.

  2. Just arrived on the island and bought the book at the Variety Store with our groceries. Should be good beach reading.

  3. OcracokeFan8:56 PM

    Got mine on our recent visit to the island. Was hoping to meet you Philip but alas you we're busy elsewhere. Thanks for the great blog.


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