Thursday, June 25, 2015


Thanks to Bruce Jarvah, frequent visitor to Ocracoke from Chocowinity, NC, who sent me this poem he wrote about the mailboat Aleta:

Oh the wind can blow down the Pamlico
Yes, the wind can blow down the Pamlico
But no matter what, the mail must go
To Ocracoke, to Ocracoke.

Down by the mill In Washington
They load the boat to Ocracoke
Out on the sound the sky is gray
And the waves are high,
But the mail must go, yes the mail must go.

Each day they cross the shallow sound
To Silver Lake the boat is bound
The wind does blow, the wind does blow
But to Ocracoke the mail must go.

On Ocracoke the mail arrives
Oft people wait with misty eyes
For news from friends or family,
The mail's arrived on Ocracoke!

Oh the wind can blow, 'cross the Pamlico
Yes the wind can blow 'cross the Pamlico
But the mail’s come in, yes the mail’s come in
And all is well on Ocracoke, all is well on Ocracoke.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter relates the story of the prohibition-era rum runner Messenger of Peace that brought much pleasure to the residents of Portsmouth. You can read it here:


  1. Bill Walker2:05 PM

    I'm MJ's friend, the bearded short guy you usually see at Harborside Motel during Music Festival each year. Sorry we could not make it in 2015.
    Last year you told me about THE MAIL MUST GO and asked me to help you with the writing. I knew it was a great idea but we drank too much to follow thru.
    You did a great job without any input from me.

  2. Bruce Jarvah7:36 PM

    Hi Bill , great to hear from you. We really missed you at the festival this year. It was great, super weather, large group of visitors/attendees and the best program ever !
    We have already booked for next year.
    Sea ya. !
    Bruce & Jj

  3. Thank you for a wonderful poem Bruce and Phillip!