Monday, February 01, 2016

Photos Anyone?

I was recently given a box of old copies of the Ocracoke Island News. In the March 31, 1983, issue I read about a Variety Show Fund Raiser.

David Senseney was the Master of Ceremonies. There were various skits and songs performed by local entertainers and musicians. The highlight of the evening was the "Miss Ocracoke 1983" contest. The contestants were Reggie Ballance (Miss National Park Service), Jim Strickland (Miss Coast Guard), Mark Wilkinson (Miss Hog Shoal), Henry Ballinger (Miss Pit Toilet), Chester Lynn (Miss Patties Holler), and Wylie Whitehurst (Miss Cat Ridge). Danny Garrish was the Master of Ceremonies for the "beauty pageant." Kevin Cutler, Jenetta Henning, and Marion Austin were the judges.

Second runner up was Miss National Park Service.
First runner up was Miss Coast Guard.
The new Miss Ocracoke 1983 was Miss Cat Ridge.

The Variety Show raised $534.04 for the Ocracoke Fire and Rescue Squad.

If anyone has photos of this event please send copies to me. I would love to print them! And...maybe we should have a Miss Ocracoke 2016 contest sometime this winter. Another fund raiser for the Fire Department maybe??

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is about islanders who worked on the water, and lost their lives at sea. You can read the Newsletter here:

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