Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Florence Shay

The following is based on my great-grandfather's original US Life-Saving Service Shipwreck Report:

On this date in 1887 the New York based three-masted schooner Florence Shay, traveling from Savannah, GA,  to Perth Amboy, NJ, with a $31,000 cargo of pine lumber, struck on Cape Lookout Shoals. The vessel foundered because of an "unshipt ruder" which resulted in about $3,000 worth of damage. The life savers managed to free the schooner. The crew were saved, and  the cargo was undamaged.

This is an exact transcription of Keeper Howard's remarks:

"Feb. 28, 1887

"Monday. 10 a m lookout reported that ther was Sch Heaing in with Signal Set as He neard found it was Sch with distress Signal Keeper crew lauch Surf boat Started to Sch it was blowing very fresh from NNW left Station 10 am arrived to Sch 12 am foung the Sch to Bee Sch Florence Shay from Savanah laden with pin lumber bound Bursamboy NJ Had Struck on lookout Shoals previce Night unshipt rudder manedg with sails to get Her Wee anchord Sead Sch off Hattress bar and cold not do better So Capt Sent messedg Ashore to Send for Steamer As was non Hen He cold. get lade at anchor untill to day Wee watch Her dilegently She was tode away to day By Bakers Selfredge Wrecking Co of Norfolk VA renderd all the assistance that wee cold Capt gave us meny thanks fo our timely assistance returned to Station 6 pm."

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  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

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