Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ocracoke Scrapbook

The following excerpts were gleaned from The Ocracoke Island Beacon, October 15, 1941 (photos added):

Early in July, the former Moore and McCormick liner Algorab was making ready to sail for the Azores after European War refugees. Coastguardsmen were needed to operate the landing boats; a call was issued for volunteers at the Norfolk base. Lum Gaskill, Jr. [Ocracoke Island native] was the only Tarheel coastguardsman to volunteer to make the cruise which started on July 6 and terminated August 16, resulting in the transfer of 512 refugees to the United States. Later Gaskill was transferred to Little Creek, C.G. Station at Cape Henry. On Sept. 6, two months after the cruise of the Algorab began, Coastguardsman Gaskill and the former Miss Daisy Styron of Ocracoke were married in Norfolk. She is making her home here, where her husband visited her last week for a few days.

Ambassador Josephus Daniels, home on vacation from the American Embassy in Mexico City, has accepted an invitation from the Hyde Co. Board of Commissioners and Southern Albemarle Association to speak at the annual meeting in Swan Quarter on Thursday, October 23.

Josephus Daniels

The ambassador spent 2 of his boyhood years on Ocracoke Island during the War Between the States and his brother, the late Judge Frank Daniels, was born here. The Daniels' island home was in the house which Capt. W.G. Willis lived in here for many years, which is now located just back of his new and modern home near his wharf on the north side of Silver Lake.

Of 4,318 dealers issued licenses to sell beer in 98 North Carolina counties, there are only 6 in Hyde County, none of which are located on Ocracoke, where it's sale was outlawed several years ago.

Beer Resolution

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the Electrification of Ocracoke Island. You can read it here:

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