Friday, October 20, 2017

Doxsee's Clams

In 2010 I wrote about the Doxsee Clam Factory on Ocracoke Island.

Doxsee Clam Factory, Ocracoke Island, ca. 1905

The Doxsee Clamming operation was originally established on Long Island's south shore, in the hamlet of Islip, New York, on the east side of Orowoc Creek off of Maple Avenue. A New York newspaper article published in 1901 notes that "Of late, owing to the inabi1ity to get clams, a much smaller force has been employed and while the removal of the plant [to Ocracoke Island] is greatly regretted, the loss is not so keenly felt as it would have been some years ago."

For more information about James Henry Doxsee and Islip New York click on this link to the Islip Historical Society:

On Ocracoke the Doxsees built their new clam processing plant close to Pamlico Sound, on the southern shore of the “ditch” (the entrance to Cockle Creek). It was, by island standards, a large operation. Local fishermen harvested clams, which they brought to the Doxsee’s dock. From there the clams were carried to a nearby building and steamed. The steamed clams were then taken to a long shed building and dumped onto wooden tables. Most of the island’s young, unmarried women, as well as several widows, worked at Doxsee’s picking clams. Empty shells were simply tossed out of the windows.

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