Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lighthouse Shadow

My grandson, Eakin Howard, made this unusual photo of the Ocracoke lighthouse a few days ago.

The photo has not been manipulated in any way, nor did Eakin bring any props or make any alterations to his camera lens. If you think you know how my grandson got this striking image of the lighthouse with the shadow, please leave a comment. I will reveal this answer in a few days.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a history of the Ocracoke Lighthouse, with information (and an artist's sketch) about the earliest lantern room. You can read the Newsletter here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/ocracoke-lighthouse/


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The moon is casting a shadow in a window of the Light keepers House which is then bounced back to the base of the lighthouse itself. It is probably a full moon. the full moon right before Easter I suggest. The rising moon which appears tremendously Large at that time of year can cause Fantastic opportunities such as the image in discussion here. Being There at the right place at the right time. What a wonderful world!!!DD

  2. Well, however it was done... AWESOME!!!

  3. Debbie Leonard10:50 AM

    I have no idea how he did it but it is a beautiful and amazing photo!

  4. Phillip, what a mind bender this is.

    There must not only be another light source to make the shadow but also a reflective source to project it to the side of the lighthouse.

    Does it have something to do with a car's headlights or a windshield? The moon light theory is also a good one.

    I'd be tempted not to divulge the technique and let the mystery remain. On the other hand, I'm dying to find out the solution to this puzzle.

    I'd also suggest that Eakin sell prints as a fund raiser for himself or a non-profit.

    What a spectacular photo.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    It is stunning.
    Is Eakin a professional photographer?

    1. Eakin is 19 years old, and a rising sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying photojournalism. He will soon be starting his second summer as staff photographer at SOAR (https://soarnc.org/) in Balsam, NC. Last fall he won a competition to photograph the European Curling Championship Games in Switzerland.


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