Wednesday, May 09, 2018

"Our Creations"

A 1986 CAMA Land Use Plan lists eleven "specialty shops" on Ocracoke. One of them is "Our Creations." A local newspaper article described the business as located on a narrow lane "shaded by live oaks and fragrant mimosas." The shop "offers items handcrafted with love and care by more than 40 island residents" and is housed in a "weathered clapboard cottage, once a private residence." The cottage "features three showrooms displaying pottery, woodcrafts, quilts, stenciling, jewelry and paintings."

Do any of our readers remember Our Creations? And do you remember where it was located?

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Ocracoke Lodge No. 194, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. You can read the Newsletter here:   


  1. Tory Kane9:50 AM

    sounds like village craftsmen

  2. Same - sounds like Village Craftsman.

  3. Even I thought the description sounded like Village Craftsmen! However, "Our Creations" was a small shop located on British Cemetery Road. If I remember correctly, it was only there for one summer.

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    CAMA = computer assisted Mass aprasial. I suppose the taxing authority in your (Any resident in a county executing CAMA) home town has a vested interest in your property "value" increasing because more tax is collected. If voters fall into the folly of homestead exemption is one really "saving" anything. What the market will bear means if you ain't got the money you ain't buying this house. Rents are outrageous in many large urban areas, let alone the asking price of houses. Remember it is the asking price certainly someone has "hacked" buying a house -- would it be creative financing or not buying a house at all as some melennials seem to be choosing as well-- someone out there reading this, please respond as to your take of the housing market in your hometown. PH, by what percentage did the CAMA change for properties aprasied last year compared to the CAMA mentioned in your post???? THNX

    1. CAMA stands for Coastal Area Managment Act (see

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM

      MY Bad. in the third most populated state, many county property appraisers use the CAMA computer assisted mass aprasial program. Anyway, what is the Land use plan for OI and has it changed direction for OI and does it address Affordable housing for residents????

    3. You can read our Land Use Plan here:


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