Tuesday, July 30, 2019

In Celebration of a Small Town

In 1980 Ocracoke had about 650 people living here. Today the population is about 1,000 residents....still a small town.

A few days ago I was perusing a number of old island newspapers, and was amused by a 1980 article, "Ocracoke Welcomes New People." The focus of the article was five different people/families who had recently moved to the island. This is what the paper had to say about where they were living (the last one is my favorite):
  • She lives in the Dave Beveridge trailer.
  • They live near Jimmy Jackson.
  • He is staying with Mrs. Boos.
  • They are living in the Eleanor Gaskins house.
  • The have built a new house "up Trent" where Dan and Jean Robinson used to live.
Of course virtually everyone reading the article understood where the new residents were living. This is part of what makes living in a small town so wonderful.


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