Thursday, August 08, 2019

Post Office

In 1952 Ocracoke's postmaster, Elizabeth O’Neal Howard, and her husband Wahab Howard, built a new, 18’ X 24’, 432 square foot post office.  The new post office had 150 lock boxes. It was situated near the old store/original post office that dated from the late 1700s. (You can see the roof of the old building on the right side of the photo below.)

Ocracoke Post Office, ca. 1957

A brick Post Office replaced the 1952 building in 1967. In 1997 the Post Office was relocated to its present site on NC12 across from Howard's Pub. A few years later the 1957 building was moved and turned into a rental cottage, and the 1967 building was repurposed as a gift shop.

I wonder how many of our readers can tell me where the 1957 Post Office originally stood, and where it is now located, and which gift shop occupies the brick building. Please leave a comment if you know.


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  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    What!!! two days have passed and no one has responded!!!!! No one did a google search using key words!!!!!! Well I did!!!!! and my answer will be posted tomorrow, Wait I can't wait THAT LONG!!! Oh rats I just re-read the instructions you want the address tooo

  2. Anonymous10:24 PM

    324 Irwin Garrish Highway Waterfront Inn something or other in the old Post office lobby is CAPTAIN Crunch I mean Captain Morgan's Crunch I mean Captain's Cargo--- Ibetcha I did read this when this topic was covered a while ago but the laptop magic answer box Works for Me!! LOve the trivia questions now I will look under my chair and see if there is a prize

  3. Captain's Cargo gift shop is located in the 1967 building (the brick building next to Bluff Shoal Motel). But where was the 1957 building located...and where is it now? prize under your chair.

  4. The 1957 Post Office was located where Down Point Decoys is today. It was moved just a short behind Captain's Cargo gift shop...and was converted to a pleasant rental cottage.

  5. Anonymous11:26 PM

    What a moving and uplifting story.