Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Extreme Commuters

This morning I pulled the latest issue of Newsweek from my Post Offic Box. Page 53 starts a five page article entitled "The Long and Grinding Road." According to the article 3.4 million workers commute 90 minutes or more to their jobs.

I suppose you could say that I am an extreme commuter also. I'm just on the other end of the spectrum. The article reminded me how fortunate we islanders are. We may not make the salaries typical of high-powered city jobs, but we compensate with a relaxed life-style and time with family & friends. It takes me just about one minute to get to work (it's not such a bad job -- I'm actually working right now), and I get to walk home for lunch.

You can read our latest newsletter here: It's the story of Old Kade.

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