Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I knew Sunday's reference to a snake would elicit a comment or two. Ocracoke Island is home to a number of snakes. Unfortunately I am no herpetologist and cannot list the varieties of snakes on Ocracoke. However, all evidence suggests that no poisonous snakes call the island home.

My personal favorite local variety is the diminutive green snake. I joke that there is only one on the island and I call him "Stringbean." They are gentle and fairly easy to catch if you can see them (they look like vines and blend in with other vegetation quite easily). I remember years ago feeling a tickle up my pants leg. I looked down just in time to catch Stringbean's tail. With a firm but light grasp green snakes are easy to hold. They like to wrap their bodies around your wrist --just in case you are looking for a green snake on your next visit.

On the other hand, if snakes are not your favorite reptiles, take heart. They are shy and seldom show themselves in the village. Even on the nature trail they generally stay off the path.

You can read our latest newsletter here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news041506.htm. It's the story of Old Kade..

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