Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dancing Trees

I awoke this morning to gray, overcast skies. The cedars outside my bedroom window were swaying in the fifteen mile per hour wind, beckoning me out of bed and inviting me to step outside to feel the cool breeze. The temperature is dropping again today, after a brief hiatus. Yesterday was t-shirt weather, and Lachlan and I took an hour after lunch to run and play on the beach. Eventually a light rain drove us back to the shelter of the car.

All of us love this time of year when the pace of island life is especially slow and relaxed. Our work schedules are flexible and we take more time to visit and talk. Last night Amy, David, Lachlan & I shared a dinner of chili and homemade bread. Afterwards we spread out and played a couple of games of cribbage on my living room floor (Lachlan entertained himself with jigsaw puzzles).

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter chronicles the story of commercial fishing on Ocracoke, and tells of the efforts of the Ocracoke Working Watermen's Association to save the island's last remaining fish house. Click here to read the entire newsletter....and learn how to make a donation.

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