Friday, February 09, 2007

Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins

The ocean was calm again yesterday afternoon. Miniature waves rolled up on the beach, but they were sharp & clean. I imagined tiny little surfers in Ken & Barbie sized wet suits having a grand time catching waves.

And beyond the little breakers I saw dolphins. At first just one or two. Then groupings. It's difficult to count dolphins. Two or three will surface, then dive. Others rise up behind or beyond them. Are there a half dozen in that pod? Or maybe a dozen or more? Some were heading south; others were swimming north. Now and then one (more than likely a youngster, I'm supposing) would jump and twist, then dive back with a splash.

All told I saw dozens of dolphins in a number of pods. So don't be concerned. In spite of my post a couple of days ago, there seems to be no shortage of dolphins off our shore.

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